Sun is dead?

Sun Microsystems have recently suffered a downfall. According to Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin, there is no room in tomorrow's market for Solaris. I, however, think different.

For today's and tomorrow's market to succeed, we need to adopt as many open competing markets as possible. For competition creates innovation, and innovation is what we want.

This should be open and free for first and foremost speed reasons. Having free software encourages bugfixing to be very rapid. It allows us to modify the software as we please to make it ours and use it as we wish. Proprietary software simply does not allow this.

For an open world to succeed we need open software and communications. For this, I see Linux, the BSDs, Sun, and all the other free kernels to be competing against each other, and without proprietary software, no one is evil. Microsoft is too proprietary for the future of computing, so we should all embrace freedom strongly for it is the "smart" thing to do.


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