Cloud OS

I've noticed that a lot of companies have decided the Cloud (applications on the Internet) is the future. For me, I use a fair few to the extent that I don't use OpenOffice any more, just Google Apps. What particularly provoked me is that big companies are now doing it the whole hog. (see ) So I've decided to make one.
It should be:
Easy to use
Aesthetically pleasing
Not be anything like today's GUIs

I've gathered a few people to help me with this big task:

From another blog, "5 things I wish Linux had" at gave me inspiration so I contacted the author to ask him for help with ideas for this OS. He has since made a few more blogs about what Linux needs.

This person's blog is now located at:

Another blog, "10 Features Ubuntu Should Implement" at gave me yet more inspiration of what to include in my custom made cloud OS.

I'd like anyone and everyone to help make this Cloud system by any means possible, be that advertising, programming, or graphics so please contact me on ( dandart googlemail com) if you would like to be involved in this project.

Thank you.


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