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Linux's Hardware Support

Lately, I've been hearing a lot about "Linux needs to master .... to beat Windows". I'll now show you how that's completely false, and how it already has beaten it, by talking about hardware support.

Linux has been proved to have the best hardware support around - see this interview with Greg KH who's a kernel dev to see in-depth information. Linux had most support for hardware first, including:
* 64 bit
* USB 3.0
* Core i7

And many more.
Conversely, it's easy to install the hardware on Linux. In windows for instance, half the time your hardware doesn't work because you downloaded a dodgy driver, or you have to install it off a CD, or it could even be the case that it bluescreens because the driver hasn't been verified by whoever. Fair enough, that hardly ever happens anymore.

The misconception that a lot of hardware doesn't work on Linux isn't because it doesn't, it does, but because quite often your distribution of choice doesn't ship w…