Features I'd like to see in Sauerbraten

I love the game Sauerbraten. But I can think of lots of ways I think it could be improved. I'll of course try to help this happen, and might update this list (and add suggestions!).

1. Proper gravity (including flying objects, perhaps toggle gravity of objects)
2. Fire hurts
3. Gunge/Poison
4. Circles/spheres easy creation
5. Saving of objects/big stuff for later
6. Admin coop AKA Play God - in which only the master can use editmode - great fun for "playing god" and wreaking havoc when no one else can.
7. Heightmaps in multiplayer (H key)
8. Breath (eg you die underwater after a while, like in Quake)
9. More ambient soundtracks, ambient noises.
10. Button triggers (eg you press or shoot something and something happens).
11. Proper doors that open or swing
12. Moving objects (automatic or manual via button/trigger) - eg trains.
13. Large walls of teleport material, for e.g. trains, yourselves.
14. Materials that change to others after a certain time, e.g. noclip slowly to air
15. Door keys
16. Liquid viscosity
17. No glitching when you try to put a hole in a pyramid
18. More human models
19. Gun reloading sequences
20. Auto getmap/sendmap (Getmap when you join, sendmap when someone else joins)
21. Master newmap restriction
22. Grappling hook
23. Item capture - person who captures most items without being killed wins.
24. Marks on walls from chainsaw
25. Flamethrower
26. Gravity gun
27. Physics gun
28. Time/space warping (global/local/gun) (haha)
29. Shield/Disarming field
30. Turrets
31. Vehicles
32. Flammable items/materials (e.g. wood) with degrading.
33. M/F Voices (inc. player), not just "captured" but also "lacerated" etc.
34. Female models?
35. Customisable music
36. Panic mode (Fuzzy/red view when player has too much adrenaline)


Unknown said…
for fire hurting just add the death material over the fire
a few of the things that you want are already in there they are just single player exclusively.
there are buttons and triggers in sp. for how to make one check out the sauerbraten docs that came with the game. (its under the mapmodal entrie
in the editing reference). the doors opening thing is just because no one has made a modal with an animation that swings. you can achieve the telewall by making teleports with the tag /newent teleport [the teledest number] -1,
this creates an invisable teleport of which you can create mutiple to
cover said wall with.
moving objects are also only in sp.
use the ent type elevator to go up/down and the type platform to go any other direction. for door keys you just need to setup a script for your map that requires you to get one trigger before the other will do anything. (im a little weak on cubescript but ive seen it done)
the rest would make awesome additions to the game (burning things and vehicles would be my favorites here)
Unknown said…
burning things and vehicles can be realized/simulated by scaling flames. In Sauerbraten you can change colours and scale of particles, including flames by pressing PERIOD.
the door script isnt so difficult . If game mode is singleplayer it can be done by pressing ESC/options/ents/trigger and choosing the right triggers for switch and door. So it can be realized for examplethat a door opens if you walk towards it.
But i miss some other things in sauerbraten,too:
- *.tga as a texture file
-breakabe things, e.g. glass
-triggers for cubes and not only mapmodels (define a number of cubes as a model..)
-more trigger options:
×trigger move(move sth to a position when u go through trigger)
×trigger movie (yes, I think, then a story will be created)
×trigger hurt(i dont like it to be death immedatley)
×trigger say(a text is displayed on screen when walking through it(e.g. for map-tutorials or quests))
×ladderclip(i know that ladders are possible, but clip is better)
-smaller grid(yes, i like to have very detailed things)
-better gameplay(reloading nessecary, not so high jumps, not so fast running, more weapons, crouching instead of having small playermodels
-monsters in Mp(all players fight together against monsters)
-vis optimizing(you don't load what u don't see)
-teleports/jumppads without sound(or custom sound)
I think n general that triggers like doors should be realized with material(like clip,lava and so one)so that the trigger shows which cubes/objects should be the action of the trigger
So you dont have to create own models( and animations(difficult)

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