Bibud Social Web Desktop Alpha5 Released

The fifth bugfix update to the Bibud web desktop was released yesterday, and includes easier application installations, a better SDK, a clearer layout, better window management and removal of application previews not relevant to the web demo at this time.

If you've not come across Bibud before, it is a desktop and window manager including and designed to contain several web-based applications that work together to make your computer experience easier. It is designed to run on desktop, laptop or netbook computers, and with a low footprint, is designed to work well on the lowest specification computers available.

Bibud is the name of the entire project, but a demo of what the desktop will look like is available to demo on the web at - later on it will come preinstalled inaide a GNU/Linux distribution enabling computers to connect and share data with each other in an as easy way as possible.

Technologies in use in Bibud are HTML5 for the audio and video elements, AJAX for most of the desktop, and the backends are programmed in PHP and MySQL, enabling any user with the LAMP stack installed (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to easily download and install the software. The git repository is available on Github.

Currently, the following applications are available to try out:
  • Audio, Video, Pictures (media viewing applications)
  • Chatroom (an irc-esque chatroom)
  • A Blog application
  • Microblog (submit posts to Twitter,,, etc)
  • My Files (a file upload manager)
  • Friends (to keep track of contacts)
  • Background (to change desktop wallpaper)
  • User Info (to change user's passwords, etc)
Features just around the corner are:
  • Media sharing
  • Note taking applications
  • Extra goodies
You can try out the alpha 5 prerelease of the desktop by visiting in your HTML5-compliant web browser.

The Bibud project are looking for volunteers to help with the project, code contributions, artwork, designs, proof-of-concepts and even just ideas are welcome, and may well be accepted into the official project distribution. If you have anything to contribute, please email the project leader at The Bibud project is licensed under a MIT-style license.


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