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How to use SSH for an Internet Connection Sharing Proxy

I haven't made a blog in a long while, so I'd thought I'd share this, which I recently discovered how to do.

If you find the idea of proxies a bit restrictive. because after all, they have to be set up in the applications in question, and may not work for some applications, help is here. And all you need is an SSH server you can connect to. Sadly, this method requires root, but it's worth having for the system-wide Internet connection you'll get from it.

Authenticating as root First, make sure you're root on the client machine (sudo -s or su -, depending on your distro), and that you can ssh as root to your target server. This is of course causes security implications, so it may be a good idea to generate a key pair for root-to-root access and block off passworded access for root, so that no one can bruteforce your root password.

Generate the key pair as root on the client:

client:~# ssh-keygen

And copy the key to the server

client:~# ssh-copy-id [server]

Test the …