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New Project: View and Share Media Online

I'm announcing a new media viewing and sharing framework called ShareAV.

The features will include support for:

Uploading and downloading of media, including audio and video
Viewing media privately
Sharing media publically or to a group

Adding to your own library for easier access

Viewing media from other streams or sources:
RSS feeds eg podcasts
Radio Streams e.g. icecast

User "profile" pages
Shared Media
Favourite media

Creating and removal of users with groups such as:

Creating and removing of friends
Create and removing groups of friends
OAuth/OpenID/Facebook/Google authentication (no one wants to register for things anymore!)
REST interface for external API goodness
Live updates for comments for groups
Live updates for who's viewing media
Live broadcasting and recording using JS Audio API
Live notifications of when broadcasting or recording starts
Live chat - IRC integrated - all…