Project Chaplin 0.3.1 Released

Introducing the first bugfix release for the 0.3 release of Project Chaplin.


Project Chaplin is the first fully free software and open source video streaming service, installable locally or usable online. It has been in development for a few years now, and has had significant development, and a new design added a couple of years ago.

The software is available through GitHub at

The project is always looking for new developers, designers and ideas people. Please contact "viablog031 att projectchaplin dott com" if you are looking for a new project to join. The list of new bugs, feature requests, etc is available at


New in 0.3.1:

Get and store access token for Vimeo
Linkify and space-ify descriptions
Set cache lifetime to 30m to prevent old data from remote nodes

New in 0.3:
Adds Docker support and includes a sample Docker file (with a Raspberry Pi release in the rpi branch).
Logs and displays a link to the original YouTube link
Adds fullscreen support to YouTube videos
Makes the setup process more streamlined by starting daemons after setup is complete
Adds Infinite loops a la
Only imports Creative Commons videos from other services to avoid copyright issues
Fixes YouTube API problems
Shows correct licence on YouTube
Removes old HTML5 requirements to add events to play videos and make them fullscreen - this now exists in all modern browsers
UI improvements
Splits the ORM into a new repository for other projects
Faster loading through use of HTML5 AppCache (where enabled).

Adds Vimeo searching and importing support!
New in Beta 2:
Search now produces only CC-licenced YouTube videos


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