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What would you like to see?

Just a short one tonight:

What would you like to see me cover here? What would you most like to see?

More tech, more personal, less personal, more science, etc?


You're Doing It Wrong: How to report a bug

[Taken from a Google+ post]

Many support requests don't contain critical information needed to actually support.

Learn how to ask for help by following these instructions:
Make sure all attachments and power are double checked to be secure connectionsLook for an error messageGoogle the error messageSubmit your question along with any error related output, custom settings and most importantly steps to reproduce.Wait.Don't pester.Learn English, it's a lot better if you use proper grammar so that people will understand your problem.
Help!!! My Linux doesn't want print! I need have my no.

My brand x model y printer refuses to print on the grounds that I get the coloured light z and my distribution Q tells me that the reason is W when I try to G and then H. Can somebody suggest what steps I should take to resolve this?

This information has been brought to you by the society of programmers who wish people would learn to report bugs properly.

General update on the current state of my life

Hello everyone!

Thought I'd give something of a general overview of my current October "2016" (but is it really, etc.). Life updates are something I'm really, really bad at, and I thought it would be nice if I didn't just have 140 characters or a broken platform to play with. Not that Google isn't a total joke.

Maybe I'll move this blog over to my real website, which uses Let's Encrypt, which is a free SSL certificate vendor, and offers an automatic client to refresh (since oddly it only gives 3-month certificates).

Job hunting is sour. I had really hoped to be able to carry on getting people to contract me to make websites but I haven't had anything for going on 7 weeks now (gosh, I sound like a mother telling you the age of her child). My usual contract profession is that I build websites for people at home (If you happen to know anyone who needs it, please get in touch), but I am also an avid musician who plays the guitar and keyboard mostly, an…

My favourite font is nonexistent!

I think I'm a bit OCD. When I was growing up, I was shown a way of writing and since have always preferred it. However, there seems to be no such font. This is very particular of me, and the font I'm looking for is close to a "natural" font, or so I've been told.

It is described thusly:
Sans serifSingle story "a"Round letters (based on circles)Double height "f"Single non-looped "g"Triple-tipped "G" Serif-topped "I" and "J"Non-flicked "q"Inside and outside straight 45 degree Q-tip Double-tipped "t"Asymmetric "Y"Seriffed "1"Non-stroked "7" Font buffs, do you know of anything? A hint is that it may have been used for educational purposes. I may have to edit a similar font if I can't find what I'm looking for. It's a shame that none of the "describe to find" font websites provide simply free software and open source fonts, or are availabl…

Project Chaplin 0.3.2 point release

Introducing the secondpoint release for the 0.3 series of Project Chaplin.


Project Chaplin is the first fully free software and open source video streaming service, installable locally or usable online.

The software is available through GitHub at

New for 0.3.2: A demo server has been installed at for those who wish to test without downloading anything! Please don't hit this server a lot, as it is only hosted on a small server, and is mainly for testing purposes. Please let me know (see below) if you notice any outstanding issues not covered in the issue tracker, and email me privately for any security issues.

The project is always looking for new developers, designers and ideas people. Please contact "viablog032 att projectchaplin dott com" if you are looking for a new project to join. The list of new bugs, feature requests, etc is available at…