My favourite font is nonexistent!

I think I'm a bit OCD. When I was growing up, I was shown a way of writing and since have always preferred it. However, there seems to be no such font. This is very particular of me, and the font I'm looking for is close to a "natural" font, or so I've been told.

It is described thusly:
  • Sans serif
  • Single story "a"
  • Round letters (based on circles)
  • Double height "f"
  • Single non-looped "g"
  • Triple-tipped "G"
  • Serif-topped "I" and "J"
  • Non-flicked "q"
  • Inside and outside straight 45 degree Q-tip
  • Double-tipped "t"
  • Asymmetric "Y"
  • Seriffed "1"
  • Non-stroked "7"
Font buffs, do you know of anything? A hint is that it may have been used for educational purposes. I may have to edit a similar font if I can't find what I'm looking for. It's a shame that none of the "describe to find" font websites provide simply free software and open source fonts, or are available on Google's font library.

That's it for my incredibly OCD rant, till next time.


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