You're Doing It Wrong: How to report a bug

[Taken from a Google+ post]

Many support requests don't contain critical information needed to actually support.

Learn how to ask for help by following these instructions:
  • Make sure all attachments and power are double checked to be secure connections
  • Look for an error message
  • Google the error message
  • Submit your question along with any error related output, custom settings and most importantly steps to reproduce.
  • Wait.
  • Don't pester.
  • Learn English, it's a lot better if you use proper grammar so that people will understand your problem.

Help!!! My Linux doesn't want print! I need have my no.

My brand x model y printer refuses to print on the grounds that I get the coloured light z and my distribution Q tells me that the reason is W when I try to G and then H. Can somebody suggest what steps I should take to resolve this?

This information has been brought to you by the society of programmers who wish people would learn to report bugs properly.


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