The solution to clickbait: put the answer in the title

And perhaps a short explanation or description of the details as a subtitle.

Then maybe an in-depth description with history.

Break it up with paragraphs for easy reading, but don't put anything in between to break the readers' flow.

When you've finished, maybe explain how to get more of your ideas if you like, or some you particularly like, don't let an engine do it for you, since whenever that happens, it inevitably invades the users' privacy and shows them something inevitably irrelevant, because that's what pays the maker of the engine of "recommended links".

You'll then get liked and viewed more, because your content was easy to read, and wasn't riddled with irrelevancies that inevitably steal the users' attention, and think that the article has finished when it hasn't.

Now it has.

If you liked this, please check out more of my stuff, because I say things that are on my mind, rather than let machines speak for me for a quid.



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