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The categories of truthfulness of information

I keep hearing so much about the distinction between truth and lies. People say that things that aren't objectively true are "obviously lies". This isn't so, and there's a lot of different levels of truth.

What inspired me to write this was the detective visual novel and anime Danganronpa series, specifically the character Kokichi Oma, who uses lies to deceive playfully, and is often not known to either be telling the truth or lies. Other parts in the series revolve around finding truth using either other truths or lies.

However, there's a lot more fine detail to the level of truthfulness of information, that I'll briefly cover here.

    Objective facts
        Things that are objectively true, and always are true, independently of the universe. These things can be proved without doubt.
            In the common system of mathematics, there are infinitely many primes.

    Generally true facts
        Things that are generally agreed …